F4UAE championship winner Charles Weerts returns to the Dubai Autodrome in search of the Gulf Sportscar Championship crown with W-Racing Team Audi.

Taking the 2018 F4UAE title in March, Weerts went on to finish fifth in the ADAC Formula 4 championship in Germany during the European season. Not wanting to let the rust set in over the winter break, Weerts headed to Dubai to take part in the maiden round of the Gulf Sportscar Championship, a race which he took victory in for the WRT Audi squad alongside Mike Den Tandt, and after missing round two, the Belgium is back.

“If I was now in Europe, I would be driving on ice which is not really helpful for the upcoming season,” said Weerts. “It’s great to drive here and I feel like I’m getting more confident with the car. More track time brings more confidence so for sure, this is helping me a lot.

“Furthermore, the fact that it’s quite warm and humid means that it’s a bit of physical training. As we have a lot of track time, I can also work on long stints which is good. This is something that I couldn’t try in Europe where the sessions are way shorter.”

Having tasted championship success for the first time in his career in the UAE, tracks like Yas Marina and the Dubai Autodrome hold a special place in Weerts’s heart.

“The weather is great, even in winter,” added Weerts. “The people are nice, the tracks are quite modern and nice to drive. Especially Abu Dhabi is great, Dubai also but Yas Marina is a Formula One track of course which makes it special to race on. To be honest, I have nothing bad to say about the UAE, it’s just great to be racing out here.”